[Free Download] Halal Afrika – My God ft. Akesse Brempong

Halal Afrika – My God ft. Akesse Brempong

Multiple award-winning worship leader and songwriter, Akesse Brempong, features two songs on Halalal Africa’s ‘The Moment’ album with two amazing tracks titled, ‘My God’ and ‘Yeda W’ase’ (we thank you), being track 4 and 11 respectively.

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“The Moment” is a compilation of recorded ministrations in Centurion, South Africa, on 8th November 2019 during one of South Africa’s biggest worship concert. World-class arrangements and wonderful songs including ‘Move Holy Spirit’, ‘Power Belongs To You’, ‘Phindukhulume’, ‘You Are Wonderful’ and many more.

The album also features great worship leaders across the African Continent. Mentioning of Patrick Duncan, Tela Robinson, Ntacozo Mbambo, Michael Stuckey, and Ayanda Ntanzi

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1.Child of God (feat Patrick Duncan)
2.Move Holy Spirit (feat. Tela Robinson)
3.Power Belongs to You (feat. Ntacozo Mbambo)
4.My God (feat. Akesse Brempong)
5.Great I Am (feat. Tela Robinson)
6.Bless the Lord (feat. Michael Stuckey)
7.Ndinosimudza maoko (feat. Takesure Zamar)
8.Praise God (feat. Patrick Duncan)
9.Phind’ukhulume (feat. Patrick Duncan)
10.Jehovah Wa Israel (feat. Ayanda Ntanzi)
11.Yeda Wase (feat. Akesse Brempong)
12.You are wonderful (feat. Ayanda Ntanzi)

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ALSO DOWNLOAD: Akesse Brempong – Okamafo (Advocate) ft. Diana Hamilton

Halal Afrika ft. Akesse BrempongMy God


The album is out on all digital platforms. Go download yours!!

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