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New Method: Use Tameawu Leaf to Solve Problems

Use Tameawu Leaf to Solve Problems

I am going to show you how you can use the Tameawu Leaf to get effective results in terms of health, wealth, and spirituality. Read to the end so you don’t miss the most important information.

Use Tameawu Leaf to Solve Problems

You can get results by using the tameawu leaf to do the following:

Tameawu Leaf

Cool The Heart

To use the Tameawu leaf for cooling the heart, chew the leaf or boil it for tea. This is good for all heart-related ailments.

Heal Wounds and Sores

To heal your wounds and sores both internal and external do this; for internal wounds, chew and swallow the leaf. If the wound is outside the body, pluck a leaf or two and heat it over the fire. Use the leaf to cover the sore or boil on your body then bandage it tight.

Treat Cough in Children

To treat cough in children, all you need to do is pluck a Tameawu leaf then squeeze and extract the liquid. Give this liquid to the child to drink and they will be relieved soon.

Self Protection (Also Detoxification)

If you want to protect yourself or detoxify, you can chew a leaf or two daily for detoxification and protection.

Prepare Soup

You can use it to prepare palm nuts soup. Add some leaves to the boiling palm nuts and pound them together.

Vegetables for Stew /Salad

Tameawu Leaf

It’s used as a vegetable. You can cut it into pieces and mix it with your salad or your vegetable stew.



Spiritual Protection

If you want to use it for spiritual protection, you can add it to your bathing water especially if you take baths late at night.

Fix Low Sperm Count

To solve low sperm count issues, get some leaves of the tameawu plant. Chew and swallow three leaves whenever you wake up. If you do this for up to 1 or more weeks, your sperm count will increase.

Tameawu Leaf

Spiritual Bath

You can use the tameawu leaf for a spiritual bath. This is effective in protecting one against spiritual attacks and bad luck. Continue reading to discover how to use tameawu for spiritual baths.

How to Use Tameawu Leaf for Spiritual Bath

A spiritual bath is cleansing the body against evil spirits, witchcraft, etc. Perform this spiritual bath when you are suffering from the following:

  1. Spiritual marriage
  2. Unemployment
  3. Bad luck
  4. Poverty
  5. Spiritual illness
  6. Business failure
  7. Barrenness


  1. Get your Tameawu leaves and make a wish on it based on your predicament.
  2. Put the Tameawu leaf in a bucket of clean water and bathe it twice daily.

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