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Study Leave Letter (with Sample Letter)

Study Leave Letter (with Sample Letter)

Working while you are studying is a great perk for students in two ways – 🎯 not only does it help you get some experience to practically apply what you are learning, but it is also a great way to make some quick money.

However, it is important to get a permit to get the go-ahead to study while working. This is so the authorities are informed that you are pursuing two things at once. 👍

How do you communicate this to your stakeholders through an actionable format?

Follow what’s given below to gain wisdom on this exactly.

Study Leave Letter
Study Leave Letter

What To Write In A Study While Working Permission Letter 

In a letter seeking permission and informing authorities, there are a few important things to keep in mind and mention without fail.

Below is a great introductory primer into some of these must-haves in your letter.

  • A permission letter is to be crafted by keeping in mind that it is going to authorities higher up and should be written with the same goals in mind.
  • Write in proper format with a clear split up of paragraphs. This is to ensure that the readability of the letter is good. 📝
  • Proofread and grammar-check ✔️ your letter before sending it to your stakeholders to make sure there are no loopholes and errors.
  • Talk about your interest in studying while working and how it will elevate your future opportunities as well as your current competence and skillset.
  • Express your gratitude for being allowed to pursue something like this and how it is a great value addition to your life as you close the letter.
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How To Write A Study While Working Permission Letter

Integrating the elements above into your letter is a very intelligent move as they can push the reader towards permitting you to study while you work and amass some great theoretical knowledge. However, to maintain the best framework to write this letter, keep reading.

Study Leave Letter
Study Leave Letter

Opening Paragraph

Open the letter with apt opening salutations and include the purpose and subject of the letter in the initial opening paragraph itself. This means making the request and giving some introductory context to the reader.

Make the request 

Once you have written the opening paragraph, it is time to make the request. This is ideally in the second paragraph. Here, you request to study while working and outline how it would be a great benefit to your professional and personal growth.

Where the organization wins  

In the next paragraph, talk about where the organization wins by allowing you to study while working. By giving you this learning opportunity, they have a more skilled and knowledgeable employee who is more competent.

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Talk about future potential. 

Illustrate how this opportunity will help you integrate both your future potential and the potential of doing great work at the organization. You can talk about how it benefits both you and the employer and how it will enable you to chase great potential.

Thank the reader 

Towards the end of the letter, don’t forget to thank the reader and outline how their considering this offer will propel your growth curve to expand and you to greater heights. Make a sincere request for them to consider your passion for learning and ensure you write that you will be able to manage both work goals and personal goals while pursuing your studies.

Study Leave Letter
Study Leave Letter


Study While Working Permission Letter


[Name of the sender] [Designation of the respective person] [Name of addressee]

Subject: Letter of Permission to Study While Working

Respected sir/madam,

This letter is to inform you that I [mention your name] am an employee of [mention the name of the company or the name of the organization] is working with our company for [mention years] years now. I want to take permission from you to continue my studies while working. I am a bright student as well due. To some reason I didn’t feel able to complete my studies and had to work for my family.

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Now I am willing to continue my further studies as now my family’s financial status is somewhat stable, and I have got a chance to resume my study again.

With this letter, I want to ask for permission from the authority for my further work while working at your company or organization.  I would be very much helpful to you if you grant my permission. Completing my course was my dream. All the documents have been attached with this letter; please check the attachment for your reference.

I would like to say; that I assure you that I was a bright student during my college days, and now, as an employee of our company, I will work harder to achieve my goals. Kindly grant my permission. I will be highly obliged to you.

If you have any further queries, you can reach us at [mention phone number] or through an email [mention email address].


[Name of the sender]

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